About Us

Our Value

NDSP was founded in 2003. NDSP’s founder was writer Myae Mhone Lwin and he was only seventeen at that time. NDSP had published poems, critiques,  fictions and non-fictions, politics, religions and translated books. Total of more than two hundred books have been published yet. NDSP’s right to publish was suspended by The Board of Censors  in 2012, due to publishing of a fiction novel based on political background. Nevertheless, The Board of Censors was shut down by the new government in the same year. NDSP’s right to publish was granted again right after that.

NDSP value and honor the copyright materials. NDSP is the only publishing company in Myanmar that purchase the copyright materials from international writers for the purpose of translation. NDSP was one of the finalists of Freedom to Publish award by IPA in 2014.